About Wegener Farms


Wegener Farms LLC is located in the beautiful rolling hills of High Ridge Missouri. We breed and raise llamas for show, fiber as breeding animals and pets.

We are committed to animal welfare and take careful care of our animals. Our llamas have plenty of room, plenty of companionship and a great deal of care from the staff of Wegener Farms.

We love our animals dearly, and their disposition shows the thoughtful care we put into their upbringing. The principles Dawn and Chris work daily overseeing the care and feeding of
our llamas as well as the other animals on our farm.


If you are interested in explore how llamas might enrich your life, please read our “Learn About Llamas” content. When you are ready to take the next steps to adding a llama to your family contact us to set up an appointment to visit and see our wonderful llamas for yourself.