Why Raise A Llama?

Llamas are wonderful, family-friendly animals that have a naturally pleasant disposition. Llamas like people and can be very affectionate and even protective. Llamas have many great qualities for families with a few acres to raise animals. Here are a few ways

Llamas can be a great addition to your family:

Llamas are Long-Lived – Llamas have a lifespan of 15 – 20 years providing fun and companionship for a very long time.

Llamas Like People - A llama properly raised and “imprinted” on people will be friendly and easy to manage. Such llamas are easy to pet, care for and are great companions for your family.

Llamas like Other Animals – Llamas are herd animals and will get along with most other family pets and livestock. Dogs that are not aggressive to other animals on your property should have no problem being accepted by your llama.

Llamas are Protective – Llamas have a natural protective instinct. Once your new llama is used to their territory and the other animals in its area, it will

Llamas as Show Animals – Llamas can be raised as show animals. They are beautiful creatures and are fun to take care of. Llamas’ docile nature make them relatively easy to transport and lead around. Raising a llama to show can be a great project to introduce young people to animal husbandry, such as part of a 4-H project.

Llamas for Fiber – Llamas can generate revenue with their fleece. Llama fiber is sought after by textile spinners and weavers for its softness and warmth.

Llama Poo – Llamas will pick just a few spots in their territory to “do their business.” Llama manure can be easily collected for compost or sold as a fertilizer.